Hockey Passing Trainer

A hockey passing trainer allows for hockey players of all types to develop crucial puck handling skills from the comfort of their very own home or yard. The hockey passing kit is comprised of two main components, which are the smooth rectangular shooting surface and the one timer passing aid that automatically redirects the puck back to the passer. The unique hockey training system is designed to improve all facets of puck possession skills including dangling, passing and firing one-timed shots.

The versatile piece of equipment can be adjusted to serve as a puck handling obstacle course simply by adding items to deke around and will quickly help build stick-handling skills. The surface of the hockey one timer mat is a large rectangle that emulates the feel and friction of an ice hockey surface which allows the player to use actual ice hockey pucks in practice instead of roller pucks. The ability to practice using ice hockey pucks without having to be at the ice rink will greatly increase the amount of and effectiveness of practice time for any hockey player.

The hockey passing kit surface is a large 48 inches by 96 inches and comes with the one timer training system at no extra charge. The replica ice surface mat can be rolled for easy storage or on the go practice. This dynamic piece of equipment enables a single player to work on multi-player drills in their own driveway and is guaranteed to make for fun and effective ice hockey training.

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